Elemental healing, developed by Desi Valentine, is a similar modality to Pranic Healing combined with the teachings of Wiccan magic. Desi created Elemental healing by conjuring the energy of naturally occurring elements & bringing them into the energetic field.

Intentionally directing this powerful natural energy, Desi is able to go deeper into each chakra for cleaning, balancing and energetic attunement . Whether it be conjuring the Sun’s energy to dissolve negative chords or conjuring the flowering of consciousness to help the heart chakra learn from past pain, this technique has garnered incredible results in energetic transformation.

Every product that comes from DV Elemental is hand made and blessed with powerful intension. That’s the special ingredient that makes these products so unique.


A message from the founder

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t take a shower... like ever...What most people don’t realize is that we are constantly absorbing outside energy the same way we do dirt. Over time what begins to happen is a thick energetic build up that can make someone feel lethargic, weighed down, stuck or blocked. It can manifest into mental or physical illness. It can affect our sleep, our ability to focus or simply make us uninspired by our own lives. It is my wish that people can use these products to rejuvenate and cleanse their energy to feel light, energized and empowered every single day of their lives.


One of the roles I feel most called to is being a bridge. There are a lot of people that get turned off or intimidated when they first are faced with the concept of conscious wellness. The common misconception is that you need to be a full blown, unwashed hippy that never came back from Burning man in order to be part of this movement. I am very much called to be the bridge between the conscious world and ‘regular world’ for want of a better term. I am person that loves the mystic side of life, I am an energy healer & a clairvoyant but I am wildly passionate about business, marketing, structure, execution and I don’t believe the two worlds need to be mutually exclusive. Taking immaculate care of your energy is the exact same thing as eating healthily, exercise or even showering everyday. Imagine a world where a person taking a bath or shower was deemed strange behavior & people would dismiss you as being crazy for doing such things. The simple fact is there is so much going on in the unseen and just because not cleaning your body has negative effect that we can all smell means it get the attention. The same is can be said of our energetic field but we can only sense it when we have the tools to listen. DV Elemental is creating products that are accessible & whether you believe in energy or not, the results speak for themselves.

You just feel better.

Taking these types of easy access healing products into the mainstream is an hugely exciting endeavor for me & I am so proud of these beautiful products.



The moons energy is no joke, we see how it effects the tide and when I used to be a nightclub bartender I could tell be the wild way that people were behaving that it was a full moon. In the healing space we use the power of the moon to charge our crystals, perform transformational ceremonies and set powerful intentions for what we wish to call in. Being able to harness the healing power of the moon and bottle it has been nothing short of magical. Combined with deep intentions & the medicine that is essential oil, we have captured the very essence of something truly transformational.



Rejuvenation is to nourish yourself back to life. Whatever that looks like for you, whether it be resting and getting beautiful sleep. Or getting a deep tissue massage, sitting by a lake fishing or swimming naked in the ocean. Whatever floats your boat, rejuvenation is an absolute must.

Reenergizing yourself can be getting exercise & getting the medicine that is sweat. Yoga is phenomenal for reenergizing the mind, body& spirit. Using that gorgeous body of yours in a healthy way actually promotes more energy rather than diminishes it.

Revitalizing yourself can be eating healthy nutritious food & drinks. Greens, fruits, veggies and organic produce. What I have to say next to say next is a little controversial but once in a while I believe it's good to splurge on some filthy delicious food. I am firm believer that if you are doing everything else to nourish yourself then your body will be the one that tells you what it does or doesn’t want to eat. So in those indulgent moments you will be given the chance to listen to your body & this a much more sustainable approach in opinion. We call it the controlled burn.

Restoration can be stillness, silence, meditation or breathwork. Taking that time to be still enough to slow everything down. Your thoughts, your heartbeat, your sense of urgency or yourself of obligation. Being present in this moment right now. The ability to listen to your own heartbeat & notice the silence everywhere else with in you. Take inventory of where you are holding tension or stress. Take 10 minutes a day to deep breath. These are some of the ways to restore & immaculately take care of your energy.