Healing Bundle

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This healing bundle is a wellness package to give your mind, body & spirit an energetic awakening. Allow self-care to become a ceremony. This healing bundle is designed to renew your energy from head to toe or from the crown down to the root.

Your bundle includes:

  • 4oz Aura Cleansing Moon Spray
  • 4oz Dream Aura Spray
  • 8oz Energy Cleansing Salt Scrub
  • 9oz Healing Candle
  • Palo Santo 
  • Sage Bundle
  • Rose Quartz
  • 22-Minute Guided Meditation

Find a quiet, peaceful space and begin by lighting your palo santo and sage. Circulate the smoke around the space to clear any negative energy. The palo santo will go out on its own, but be sure to stub out the embers of your sage until your next use. Light your scented candle and hold your rose quartz crystal in your hand. Sit or lay in a comfortable position & play the guided meditation & allow yourself to be guided by the rich texture of the voice.

Relax & follow the simple instructions as Desi takes you through a 22-minute self-care meditation. Allow yourself to be guided into a state of deep relaxation for the mind & body. Give yourself full permission to let go of any outside tension or stress as you float away.